F.R.I.E.N.D.S 30-some Challenge

Today marks the 20th anniversary of one of our favorite TV series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. To celebrate, I want to share with you a F.R.I.E.N.D.S 30-day challenge but I tried to change a bit. Instead of 30 days, I just did 30 questions that I accomplished in one seating.

1. Favorite Season:  – Season 1

2. Favorite Character: – This is tough. Can’t make a choice. I love them all. They complement each other.

3. Least Favorite Character:

I choose Julie, who played as Ross’ girlfriend at the end of Season 1 and beginning of Season 2.


Photo courtesy of Tumblr

4. Favorite Monica Moment:

I have 2:

First one was when she danced in front of Chandler with a turkey on her head

And second was when she bought this lovely pair of boots but insanely painful for her feet – Love it because I see myself in her. You know, when girls exchange comfort for the sake of fashion :))

5. Favorite Couple:

Chandler and Monica. They are the perfect sample of when a couple compliments each other in all aspects, and most especially to their decisions together.

6. Favorite Rachel Moment:
The morning after she got drunk on a date and called Ross and told him she was sooooo over him 🙂

7: Favorite Female: I cannot pick…I like them all

8. Favorite Phoebe Moment:

When Phoebe gives her words of wisdom or asks a question that makes you think 🙂

9. Least Favorite Female:


10. Favorite Chandler Moment:

It was a Halloween Party and he was in a pink bunny costume and doing his sex face.

11. Favorite Male:

I like them all 😛

12. Favorite Cast Photo:


13. Favorite Joey Moment:

Episode where he threw the wooden leg of her date to fire :))

14. Least Favorite Male:

Again, I will just choose from the recurring characters and I choose Hank.  He is the geeky guy who played Phoebe’s boyfriend.

15. Favorite Ross Moment:

Oh, Ross! I have several for this guy:

a. The one with the tanning booth.

b. The one with the leather pants


Photo courtesy of buzzfeed.com

c. The episode when he found out that Joey and Rachel are starting to date and he invited them to a dinner in his place together with his then-girlfriend, Charlie.

16. Favorite Guest Star:

Roy, The Stripper played by Danny De Vito. This is one hilarious episode!

17. Least Favorite Guest Star:

Robin Williams and Billie Crystal.

18. Favorite Episode:

The one with the Prom Video

The one with the Prom Night Video

19. Favorite Song of Phoebe’s:

Smelly Cat, of course!

20. Favorite Wedding:

Phoebe’s wedding.  It is when the most important occasion in your life comes, but catastrophes are included in the picture.  How great it is to have good friends 🙂

21. Least Favorite Couple:

Julie and Ross

22. Who Are You Most Like?

I will go with Monica. Though I am not as OC as her, but she is like me, less 10% haha or maybe 5%.

23. When Did You Start Watching?:

2 or 3 years ago at the Warner TV channel back in Manila.

Day 24. Favorite Quote:

Season 2 Episode 14:

Phoebe to Ross: Because she’s your lobster.

25. Most Touching Episode:

For me, one of the most touching episodes was when they bought Phoebe her first bike.

26. Funniest Episode:

I have a lot to mention but let me just share one of them 🙂

a. Season 5 Episode 14: The One Where Everybody Finds Out

27. On a Break or Not?: 

Im on team Ross on this one.  They were on a break and Rachel should not take that against Ross because she was the one who called it out first.

28. Favorite Actress/Actor:

All of them.

29. Favorite Flashback:

The Prom

30. Did You Like the Way it Ended?:

Yes. I actually do.  It is like the ending depends on your imagination.  An open-ended one 🙂

Things I learned from FRIENDS

Let me know your thoughts :)

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