Today’s exercise gave me the chance to take my time and see my fellow bloggers’ take on yesterday’s prompt – the Truth Serum.  I read a lot of interesting responses but there is one read that stood out. (well, of course this is based in my personal opinion, so calm down.) 🙂

I am referring to Kiri’s entry entitled, “Is Honesty the best policy?”.  Here is a beautiful excerpt from her post:

We lie to our children all the time to maintain the innocence of youth and the magic of fairy tales. We lie to our family and friends to conceal surprises – parties, presents, big announcements. We lie to people to protect them, knowing that confirming their fear that their latest haircut was a really bad idea is going to be counter-productive. Little white lies can save feelings and marriages –

Are you not nodding your head to her while reading that line? I am.

Everyone of us is guilty of little, white lies. Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, Prince Charming and the Boogey man – these are just some of the things that we once believed as a child because our parents made us believed they exist, only to find out that the gifts every Christmas are not from Mr. Claus but from our parents and the money was not actually from the tooth fairy, but from our parents, too.

While the Boogey man is used to scare you and get you to sleep early. The Prince Charming? Hah! I am sure the ladies are aware that Prince Charming is yet another product of pure imagination. 🙂 ’nuff said.

And how many times did your little white lies saved your day AND your relationships?  Like that day when you were invited by friends to go out on a weekend but you were so tired yet you don’t want to be the “uncool” friend. Instead, just told them you are not feeling well and you will pass, but the truth is, you have been dreaming of sleeping for more than 8 hours on a Saturday and nothing can stop you from doing that. 🙂

What about that day when a friend lets you try something that she cooked for the first time, which really tasted awful but you told her it is not that bad because aside from being polite, you do not want to discourage her from trying to cook again. 🙂

We sort of, use the white lies just to get things over with, or maybe avoid a potential argument or simply because we love the person and being totally honest with them today may either hurt them or spoil their good mood. Sometimes, when the person we care about is in a potentially vulnerable situation, we also tend to just agree with them for the time being, thinking that we can just let them know once they are no longer emotional, or once they moved on.

Bottom line, white lies are still lies.  A half truth is half a lie, making it a lie in general.


In this life, we always have access to that “truth serum”, but it is our choice to whether or not use it. We can always have the option to dig for the truth or wait for the truth to come out in its own time because after all, according to the famous quote, “the truth will always come out“.

But just like what I wrote to Kenyindian’s post, should you decide to use it or not is a personal choice, but like any decisions that we do in our lives, it will always have consequences which can either be good or bad.  Just be ready for whatever comes your way once you decide to give it a shot and open the “bottle of truth serum” 🙂