Evening lights - Louvre Museum

Photo Gallery: Touring The Louvre Museum

With the chance to explore one of the world’s largest museum, we did not waste any time and spent the rest of our Saturday afternoon in Louvre. But due to time constraint, we only explored the area towards the Denon Wing where the Mona Lisa painting is displayed. The next and succeeding parts of my post about Louvre are photos that I took during our visit.

Disclaimer: All photos were taken using phone camera.

Outside Louvre Museum

The Richelieu Wing

Richelieu wing, Louvre Museum

Richelieu wing, Louvre Museum

Richelieu wing, Louvre Museum


Musée du Louvre


Evening lights - Louvre Museum

Evening lights - Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum - evening

Louvre Museum - 6

Louvre Pyramid

Statue of King Louis XIV at the Louvre courtyard

Louvre Museum - lobby 2

Louvre Museum - lobby 2


Beautiful things do not ask for attention.

– Anonymous



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