A Very New York Valentine…

Lifestyles with Lia

Love is in the air!

And nothing says “Valentine’s Day” in the Big Apple, more than a poem!

I wrote this one, with a classic in mind, and dedicated it to the city I love…


Happy Valentine’s Day!

‘Twas the night of St. Valentine’s when all through the city,

New Yorkers bought roses and other things pretty.

The subways were full of commuters in haste,

It’s Valentine’s Day and there’s no time to waste!


The chocolates were packaged, all sweet in a row,

While visions of candlelight warmed the fresh-fallen snow.

And me in my gym clothes, just changed out of my suit,

Heading on home, I grabbed take-out en route.


When down in the subway arose such a delay,

I feared not to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

Stuck in the tunnel, I pulled out my phone,

Alas, might my darling spend Valentine’s alone?

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