A Birthday Message From Me to You

Thank you berry much

My birthday month is almost over, but before that happens, I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to everyone who made it extra special and that includes you! Yes, you, my dear readers and fellow bloggers!

My February 2015 was full of realizations and as I turned another year older, I have a greater appreciation for the simple things that life has to offer. As the silence taught me a lot of things, silence also screamed meaningful revelations. Sometimes, we just have to distance ourselves from the chaotic, modern world where we live in. Walk a few steps away, pause and breathe.

Every heartbreak

Let us raise our glasses for another year and for more years to come. Let every day be a celebration of life and all its wonderful blessings.

Remember, for every heartbreak comes a new hope and every new hope is a possibility for better things.

From the bottom of my heart to yours.

Thank you | Gracias | XieXie | Merci | Grazie | Arigato | Gamsahabnida

Maraming Salamat!

xoxo berryduchess

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