A Beginner’s Guide to Airbnb

This article from the author of smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains.com created a post about the basic things we need to know about Airbnb. Short, simple and concise. 😀

Happy reading!

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4 thoughts on “A Beginner’s Guide to Airbnb

  1. Thanks for reblogging this.. I’ve used Air Bnb once with great results! I think it’s a fantastic way to rent a home, apartment or room for a vacation. I love to cook when on a trip so having a kitchen was great.
    It’s a matter of trust between the owner and the guest but I believe it can all work out well for everyone in the end…

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  2. Yes you should try it: ) just be sure to read the customer reviews and make sure the owner is legitimate… They have a way to scan your drivers license if you want to get a “badge ” of sorts that proves you are legit. I did it so any owner knows I’m a serious guest: ))

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