7 Reasons Why Saint Lazare Station is Worth Visiting

Check out these interesting facts about Gare Saint Lazare

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Gare Saint Lazare

1. Saint Lazare Station was built as the first station in Paris in 1837.

Inside Saint Lazare Station

2. Gare Saint-Lazare places second after Gare du Nord as the second busiest station in Paris.

A busy evening in Gare Saint-Lazare

With an estimate of around having 450, 000 passengers every day, the station is equipped with:

  • 300 passengers-information screens
  • 21 escalators and lifts
  • 27 platforms which serve both suburban (Transilien)  and Intercités (Normandy)

Passenger-information screen at Gare Saint-Lazare

3. This building was considered a historical monument since 1984.

Saint Lazare Station

4. The Saint Lazare is the only station in Paris that has the Bulle or Bubble-shaped metro entrance.

Bulle - Saint Lazare Station

Bulle - Saint Lazare

5. There is only one Burger King in this fashion capital and it can be found at the Saint Lazare Station.

Burger King - Saint Lazare Station

6. Still talking about fast food, outside the station you will find the only McDonald’s restaurant that was ranked as a historical monument in Paris.

The colored buidling is found at 119 Rue Saint Lazare
The colored building is found at 119 Rue Saint Lazare

7. Outside Gare Saint-Lazare, you will find this interesting bronze statue that depicts an “accumulation” made of suitcases entitled Consigne à Vie (Storage of Life) by Arman.

‘Consigne à Vie’ statue by Arman - Saint Lazare


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