Adventures Outside the Window

Blogging University’s Photo 101: Glass

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January 2014 – The Heathrow Express Ride

Glass - Heathrow Express

This was the view from inside the Heathrow Express on the way to Paddington Station. Β I can still remember my excitement and how I reached for his hands and whispered, “Oh my goodness! We are really in London. I cannot believe it!” That long flight was nothing. It did not even bother my excited soul. πŸ˜€

Camera used: Samsung Note 3Β 

Moroccan Flavor with a View

Glass - Del Azziz

In the same afternoon after we arrived at the hotel, I took this shot after we had our first meal of the day. Lovely lunch welcomed us and we stayed for a while to review our itinerary for the day. πŸ™‚ Oh, I miss London!

Camera used: Samsung Note 3Β 

Gentlemen, Out!

Glass - London Transport Museum

Taken at the London Transport Museum, this was the part of the train station that was designated for the women passengers.

Camera used: Nikon D5300

Seeing the other side of the world

Glass - Airplane

I don’t usually take photos of the clouds because most of our travels are in the evening (that explains it). But our flight to Geneva was on a lovely afternoon and so I took out my phone and captured this.

Camera used: iPhone 6Β 

December 2014 – Cloudy With SomeΒ Chance of Meatballs

Glass - Switzerland

We were booked in a very nice hotel in Switzerland and this was the view from our window at 4 in the afternoon. The sky’s clear, but it was 5 degrees outside. We dared to walk outside the hotel but in less than five minutes, we’re back. Yep, please don’t judge. πŸ˜€

Camera used: iPhone 6

I want to have more glass/window shots in the future; I want to have more travelling adventure!

This is in response to Blogging University’s Photo 101: Glass

xoxo berryduchessΒ 

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