Unsolicited/Unexpected Form of Compliments

What was/were the best compliment/s that you received that you can never forget? 

Receiving unsolicited compliments is one good way to get a woman’s attention. Or maybe this applies to both genders, right? I think a person’s normal reaction to unexpected compliments will be blushed cheeks and a speechless moment. At least that’s how I react. Also, there is this sudden awkward feeling and you do not know if you want to stay or go away from your current situation because at the back of your mind, you want to assess the if the other person is saying that just to make a sale out of you or do they really find you outstanding that day.


Despite those occasional hesitations, I think overall, receiving compliments just gives us an extra boost of self-confidence, don’t you agree? It is like the sun is shining a little brighter on your side and the extra smile on your face is very obvious.

big smile

However! Just don’t let every compliment get into you easily. In my previous dating life, I have encountered the type of guys who would give compliments thinking that they can score. Unfortunately darling, the “damn-you-look-hot-tonight” or “what-a-babe” just don’t do the trick. I personally do not take that as a compliment at all. The venue and the facial expressions are also factors to consider like if you are in a club, these type of expressions are no longer special and rather common. So ladies, keep your radars on so you can determine which is for real and which isn’t.

damn girl
Seriously, if this is a guy’s reaction…I am not sure if I will be happy or what haha

So Ms. Berryduchess, what were the compliments that surely made your day?

Hmmm… let’s see…

The Law & Order

There were a couple of times in my previous office that I was mistaken as the Corporate lawyer. At one point, my former boss’ guest, who was also a lawyer, introduced himself and shook my hand while saying “You are our new Corporate lawyer, right? Welcome aboard.


Politely, I shook his hand but I also introduced myself properly and I corrected his knowledge. I informed the gentleman that he was actually looking for my boss who is on her way to the office that time.

Same thing in my last job where I worked as an Admin Support. That day, I was wearing rather a business formal clothes and on my way out, a guest was at the door. I assisted him  so he can come in, but the moment he stepped in, he thought I was the manager that he was about to meet and he introduced himself. Again, I politely corrected her and informed the right person.

I treated the instances mentioned above as a form of compliment because I felt that the people had a good impression towards me to the point of being mistaken as 1. an attorney and 2. a supervisor. I guess, power dressing really does have its wonders, don’t you agree? 🙂

Photo courtesy of chroniclesofvanity.com

Let the Lips do the Talking.

Ever since I started wearing bold colors, I do not do it just to get attention. This is a fact. I wear bold colors because I feel great about it and it is a form of self-expression. I believe it was best for me since I am always wearing glasses and I do not normally put much makeup on my eyes. This is why I do not go bare when it comes to my lips.  In my point of view, bold lips are like confidence-boosters. And yes, on gloomy days, even when at home, I wear lipstick while doing my household chores. Again, it is like my pick-me-up, mood booster 🙂

red lips

Compliments from some of the SAs from different stores never fail to make me feel extra happy. I feel assured that I chose the right lip product. Some will approach me and tell me that they really love my lipstick and they noticed me the moment I stepped into their store. Some would even ask me what brand am I wearing and where to get it.

One time, we were queuing at a seafood restaurant in Global City and a group of well-dressed women in their 50’s are also outside waiting for their friends to come out. I think they were having a mini-reunion dinner that time. The table banner on their side was the giveaway. Then at one point, there was an eye contact that happened between me and one of the ladies, so I just smiled and checked the menu again. Then, out of nowhere, that lady approached me and told me “I like your lipstick. Red looks great on you.”  Shy as I was, I just smiled and said thank you.  That moment, I feel prettier hahaha! Why? because I received a compliment from one very proper lady and she even made an effort to approach me 🙂 that really made my night.

Lastly, and this one is the best…

The Mistaken Identity

This happened twice here in Singapore. We were from a staycation and on our way home, we decided to grab some popcorn. When it was my turn to choose my flavor, the person behind the counter was giving me a confused look, to which I thought maybe she did not get my orders correct. So to make sure, I repeated my order and she obviously got it correct. Then out of the blue she blurted out, “I’m sorry but are you a Filipina actress?”  I was like…”Huh? Uhm, no?” then I smiled with confusion, too.

Then she thought I was just denying it, and asked me again if I am sure that I am not an actress and maybe I just do not want to tell it, because she was watching this television show together with her Filipina friend and I really look like that actress. I was really flattered and turning red at that moment, but I told her that she was mistaken. I am not an actress and I am sure I don’t like one! I even asked her the name of the actress, but she cannot remember. After that, I settled everything and went out hurriedly. My husband on the other end asked me what kept me long and even thought I was indecisive again with the popcorn flavors. Then I told him what happened and we were both laughing. To be mistaken for an actress who has a drama series is quite a compliment, right? 😛 So unbelievable but it was really one of a kind experience!

Holly Golightly

You see, compliments come as surprises. Some make you giggle, some leaves you scratching your head and wonder. But these best compliments that I received, will always leave me with a big smile on my face whenever I remember them.

What about you? What’s your story? Share it here! I would love to know about it :p

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the small act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

– Leo Buscaglias

xoxo berryduchess

Let me know your thoughts :)

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