A Handful of Friends


When you live far from friends and families, it gets lonely. Really lonely. But what is more sad is when you realize that some people in your life are not really your friends. They are just mere acquaintances or maybe colleagues from previous workplaces.

Now I understand why they say that in life, you will only have a handful of real friends.

random thoughts at 11:17 pm

– berryduchess

24 comments on “A Handful of Friends”

  1. So true. I have learned in all my years of being in the military it is very evident. Every two to four years I would move and keeping the relationships up would get harder. But I realized that a lot of times we were only acquaintances and not real friends. Sad sometimes. But your real friends always know how to be there for you. 🙂

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  2. Your thoughts on friendship are very true …
    Some people come into our lives but stay only for a short time … That friendship was for a specific reason I suppose, and once it’s been fulfilled it ends… I still have a handful of college or high school friends and some work friends … And recently I’ve made some new ones… Every friend however is different than the other and often, I don’t mix the groups . We all don’t have the same things in common I guess.
    I’m grateful for my blogging friends I’ve met recently ! You are a lovely person and I enjoy communicating and sharing ideas with you … And reading your great blog of course !
    Sending you many hugs,

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    1. Thank you Lia! Wonderful thoughts about the different groups! I speak for those who I thought were meant to last a lifetime and treated as family only to turn out that they just dont care the same to you. I mean, im left with questions on how to deal with them. Not even care at the times you needed them the most in your life.. Oh well! 🙂 sending back lots of hugs to you too!!!

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      1. I see… I’m sorry for the experiences you’ve gone through… I can imagine it’s tough not to receive the same back from them…
        Sending you warm and peaceful thoughts from NYC straight to you….

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  3. Truer words were never spoken. I would add that it is a waste of time to try and “make” friends because there is nothing but let down there. Friends either happen or they don’t. Does a rose try to bloom? Good thought.


  4. That’s true… You know what I’ve realized though? You don’t really need too many friends. I’m awful at keeping in touch with friends but even when we don’t talk to each other often, there are a few who are there when I need them, and I count myself lucky for that.

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  5. #berryduchess what happened? You sound really sad. 😦 I get to feel that way but it’s been a while though and I’m thankful for that. But darlyn, I know that feeling. Don’t worry you have blogging pals to run to. Hugs!

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