TOPIC: Are We, By Nature, SELFISH?

Are We, By Nature, SELFISH?


My wandering mind lead me to this interesting question that I cannot answer with a solid YES or NO. Are we, by nature, selfish?


  1. (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

    Source: Wikipedia

Have you been in situations where you were asked for something and in return you asked (either you replied or you had the conversation in your mind) “What is it in for me?” or “What will I get in return?

Is it part of human nature or is it because while growing up, we were taught to look after ourselves because in the real world, no one will look after you? Some say that selfishness is required to survive, while some say it is a wrongful attitude.

So what do you think? I would love to read your take on this. 😀


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Do you ask what moral obligation I owe to my fellow men? None—except the obligation I owe to myself, to material objects and to all of existence: rationality. I deal with men as my nature and theirs demands: by means of reason. I seek or desire nothing from them except such relations as they care to enter of their own voluntary choice. It is only with their mind that I can deal and only for my own self-interest, when they see that my interest coincides with theirs. When they don’t, I enter no relationship; I let dissenters go their way and I do not swerve from mine. I win by means of nothing but logic and I surrender to nothing but logic. I do not surrender my reason or deal with men who surrender theirs.

– Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness


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14 comments on “TOPIC: Are We, By Nature, SELFISH?”

  1. Fear of being selfish has led to a lot of heart ache – I have lost count of the number of people who have taken advantage of my generosity and then disappeared when I call a halt to the endless stream of one sided friendships. (I have learned to recognise the signs early on now, and have a few close friends who are like me)

    We just had a clothes swapping party, three of us turned up with bagfuls of beautiful clothes, and one girl who walked away with most things simply bought four items of mens clothing that was so hideous I was embarrassed for her so took two of her items. She even conned my friends 7 year old daughter out of a lovely tutu I had given her – asking her if she could try it on, then popping it into her bulging bag. I did not say anything – I was too embarrassed, just simply seethed in anger the next day. Then I am mad at myself for letting her take advantage.

    I have a very strong conscience – my self esteem is built on my actions so treating others badly feels like I am hurting myself. But by not standing up to myself I end up hurting myself anyway.

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    1. Im sorry to hear that. And how many times (simple or complicated) that people were taken advantaged of. Like what happened to you and your other friend. Thats what i was thinking of. Are we forced to be selfish because of how people treat us?

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  2. Great food for thought. There is selfish in the sense we generally think of, and as defined above, then there is the balance of learning to take care of yourself, which may come across as selfish to many people.

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    1. Wonderful and strong words you got there! Self-destructive! Thank you for your insight! 🙂 and yes, i think so too. It is a survival skill 🙂 if you cant be selfish, you will be eaten at some point.

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  3. Hmmm…very interesting topic! Gives me food for thought…I think we all have some level of “selfishness” within us — sort of a survival tactic…Some have more than others — I think there should be a balance between caring and giving to others and caring and giving for ourselves…I think the word “selfish” however does have more of a negative connotation…Maybe self-love, self-respect are more what I am thinking of?
    Very interesting, indeed!

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