Random Thoughts at 3 AM

How sad it is to know that we get “too busy” to at least pay our last respect to the people who once became part of our lives. Is it really about being busy or the relationship was not just that deep that we think an online post expressing “our deepest condolences” will be enough? Will that online message even reach or console the family? I am just saying.

But who am I to blame people? It is their priorities anyway. And I am not excluding myself. I am guilty of committing this in the past and today, it made me rethink and re-evaluate.

That is why I envy our old folks. Because despite the arthritis and whatever disabilities they have, they find time to pay their last respect to their former colleagues and friends. They have no social network accounts, but they make sure they personally express their deepest sympathy to the family.

It is just sad.