Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour in Tres Bea – Photos, Reviews and Swatches

This is my complete review of Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour in Tres Bea.

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When the news came out that Christian Louboutin released his own lipstick line, all makeup enthusiasts were excited and raving about it in different social media channels. With so much curiosity, I want to personally find out what the hype is all about. This is sort of I bought and tested these, so you don’t have to type of situation 😀 And that is why I am here today to share my thoughts and impressions about this “it” lip product.


Christian Louboutin is one of the famous luxury brands today and so there is a high expectation for that overall WOW factor. Each lipstick is housed in a shiny, black  flip top box with the Christian Louboutin’s gold logo embossed in front.

Christian Louboutin Sheer Tres Bea - box2

Christian Louboutin Matte Lipstick Box

At the bottom of the box, you will find the name of the shade and the lipstick finish.

Christian Louboutin Sheer Tres Bea - box

Inside the box is the lipstick that is placed neatly in a red plastic holder with a velvet-like finish.

Christian Louboutin Sheer Tres Bea - packaging

Why don’t we take our time to look and appreciate the details.

Inspired by Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement, the solid metal body is reminiscent of a precious vial. The turret-like crown cap is topped with a small ring threaded with a silk ribbon, turning the lip colour into a necklace.


Christian Louboutin Sheer packaging details

One can identify the lipstick finish thru the packaging design.

  • SATIN – Smooth and Shiny
  • MATTE – Smooth and Matte
  • SHEER – scallop-like patterns 

Christian Louboutin  Sheer Lipstick in Tres Bea

This is the heaviest lipstick that I held so far. It is heavier compared with Charlotte Tilbury’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick that I reviewed.

Christian Louboutin Matte Lipstick Cap

Notice that this is not a screw cap.

Christian Louboutin  Sheer Lipstick in Tres Bea1

Christian Louboutin  Sheer Lipstick in Tres Bea

Christian Louboutin  Sheer Lipstick

Christian Louboutin  Sheer Lipstick in Tres Bea

Each lipstick comes with a gold silk ribbon that you can use as a necklace and the lipstick as your pendant. But seriously?? Who will do that? To start with, the lipstick is heavy for a pendant and it will be uncomfortable to wear. Maybe possible if you are walking on the runway or shows, but not in real life.


photo from

Christian Louboutin Lipstick Packaging

Christian Louboutin Lipstick Packaging

A small pouch (with drawstrings) that seems to be made from a black silk cloth is also included. I read that some find this to be useless, but not for me. I use this whenever I bring my lipstick with me when I go out and I think that it is pretty useful.

Christian Louboutin Lipstick Packaging

TRES BEA Swatches

*please note that due to the difference in undertones, the shades may look brighter or darker to different people.

For your reference, I am NC25 in MAC Pro Longwear Foundation.

Christian Louboutin Sheer Lipstick in Tres Bea - Review and Swatch

Every Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lip Colour promises to give the following:

  • A creamy smooth and nourishing sensation on lips.
  • Impactful colour accents lips natural radiance.
  • Sheer coverage with a luminous shine finish.
  • Effective protection against dryness thanks to a complex of natural oils and seed butters.


Christian Louboutin  Sheer in Tres Bea - Review and Swatch

Tres Bea is a sheer coral lipstick and honestly, the formula surprised me. I am not a fan of this finish and it is the first in my collection. I remember using some sheer lipsticks years ago and I know for sure that I don’t like it. I find it sticky, so much less coverage and easily removed when you drink, eat or if you accidentally press your lips. Given these, I feel like it is a waste of money.

However when I tried this, my opinion changed. With one swipe, it gives off a delicate colour on the lips. This is something that I would wear on weekends or whenever I want something light and easy. It is also perfect to use if I am out for a lunch/dinner date because I do not have to worry about my lipstick  while eating.

Christian Louboutin  Sheer in Tres Bea - Review and Swatch


Christian Louboutin lipsticks are priced at 90 USD each. This is a lavish price for a lip product, but if you are a makeup enthusiast then this is something that you may want to have in your collection.

In Singapore, the price varies as it depends on the current foreign exchange, but in average it is being sold between 140 – 190 SGD.



  • As mentioned earlier, with one swipe, it gives off a delicate colour on the lips.  
  • Ease of Application
    • It glides on the lips.

Christian Louboutin Sheer Lipstick in Tres Bea

  • Comfortable to wear.
    • It reminds me of the glosses that we can find in the market today, but this is not sticky.
  • I felt that my lips were hydrated and moisturized while wearing and thereafter.
  • Paraben-free.
    • Mineral Oil-free.
    • Mineral Oil-free.DEA-free.
    • Phthalate-free
  • Made in the USA.
  • There are 9 shades to choose from:
    •  Rouge Louboutin
    • Tres Bea
    • Rose Du Desert
    • Petal Rose
    • You You
    • Meximatchy
    • Escatin
    • Loubiminette
    • Private Number



  • It is high-priced for the same amount of lip product that you will get from the regular lipsticks. (0.12 oz/ 3.5 grams)

Weight & Design

It is heavy (overall packaging weight) for a lipstick though I kind of like it. Design-wise it is a piece of art but I’m not very sure if you can just carry it on planes.. Also, the lipsticks cannot stand alone so that makes it a challenge to display them. Mine is kept in its box and placed inside my vanity cabinet.

Long-wear Issue

  • Not long-lasting. It transferred to my cup and was removed after having  meals.


  • It has a light floral scent (a hint of rose) but it fades after a while.
  • A slight floral taste which I can relate to the scent, but again it fades after a while of wearing it.


  • To date, Christian Louboutin lipsticks are not yet available in Singapore. I ordered mine from my reliable source of imported beauty products here. (PingBong).

If you do not want to buy from a local seller here (Carousell), you may:

  • order thru Though this option only works if you have friends/relatives in the US who can help you with your orders. See the complete details of Sephora’s International Shipments here.

In summary, the Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile lipstick delivered its promises. But because of the price, it is considered to be a luxury makeup item and not everyone may want to splurge as much as 90 USD for a lip product. Also, there may be other brands in the market that can offer the same quality, but for a lesser price.

However, if you are a makeup aficionado, you may want to have one of these for your collection. 😀

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Makeup of the day:

  • Foundation:  MAC Pro Longwear Foundation (NC25)
  • Brows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Taupe and Brow wiz in Medium Brown
  • Eyeshadow 
    • Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette
    • Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop 
  • Eyeliner –K-Palette Real Lasting Eye Pencil (1-day Tattoo) in Black
  • Blush – Nars Orgasm
  • Contour – Kat Von D Light & Shade Contour Palette
  • Highlight – Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow in Light to Medium Shade

xoxo berryduchess1B

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