3 Things I Learned from the French

1. Enjoy your meal. Don’t eat in a rush.

They enjoy every bite and every sip of their wine/drinks. Even the waitstaff are not rushing their customers even if they can see that they are done with the meal or if the queue is getting long.

Eating slowly.gif

photo courtesy of giphy.com

2. Be Chic.

Less is more.

Get the basics but invest on good quality rather than quantity. A white tee, a button-down shirt and a black bag – these are just some of the simple articles, but they can be very versatile. Besides you can always amp the look with your accessories – a bold lip, leather shoes or sunnies. 😀

Chic Woman

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This is also applicable with makeup. Did you know that a French woman’s makeup routine does not include contouring? Well maybe it is not an absolute rule to this day, but still, a majority of them are not crazy about the contouring trend. Also, they prefer to buy skincare products rather than lots of makeup.

French makeup

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3. Enjoy life’s small pleasures.

I touched this topic in my post about the Angelina Paris Tea Salon.

Parisian women

photo courtesy of arteneisensi.it

Petit Plaisir is a French phrase that means small pleasure. In Rory Satran’s article entitled In Paris Living Large for Less, published on The Washington Post website, he described the idea behind this concept as:

“…the principle of the petit plaisir is that we should treat ourselves to mini-extravagances once in a while.”

Have a glass of one of the best wines in the list while having dinner or a few bites of that Godiva chocolate;  relish every detail and you will have a better appreciation. Remember the key word – INDULGE. 😛

After all, you have been working hard. A little something every now and then won’t be so bad.