A Year Without Facebook

It’s been more than a year since I deleted my personal Facebook account and my life is still great and normal. That decision was triggered after my little social experiment when I removed my birth date from FB. See full post here. 

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The experiment was an eye-opening experience on my part because I finally embraced the truth that social media friends are not your real life friends. I stepped away because I realised that at this age, what I really want is a meaningful and true connection and not a temporary one.

Berry’s Finest – The Day I removed my Birthday from Facebook

I no longer want to share my personal life with people who don’t genuinely care, rather only snooping on what’s the latest in your life.

I no longer want to share my personal life with people who don't genuinely care.

As a blogger, social media presence is very important. However, I chose to put control on the things that I share about myself and so I came up with an official page for my site. It’s as if I packed my bags and went to a different, yet similar place to establish my presence.

It’s a place where I feel that I can be myself and not forced to follow people just because they followed me (similar to a friend request). It became a very personal space where I can show my creativity and skills, without the fear of being ridiculed by the people I personally know.

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Since the deactivation, I have a very intimate number of friends, 5 to be exact (and that’s excluding family), whom I chat with every now and then. 5 versus more than 400 people on my old friend’s list is way out of proportion, but if that is the number that represents real  and genuine friendship, I don’t mind.

Maybe I’ve outgrown the sort of, fear of missing out (FOMO) because I no longer use my precious and limited energy to even care about the latest buzz on someone else’s post or life or who went on a grand vacation, got the newest car or house.

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Minding your own life and thing is way cooler and better – SERIOUSLY. You may agree with me or not but social media will always be a potential ground for jealousy and comparison which then translates to gossip and so on and so forth.

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A year without Facebook kept me away from uninvited stress from scrolling my feed, unwanted personal dramas included.

A year without Facebook made me realise that I don’t have to overshare; to better value my privacy above all.

A year without Facebook taught me the meaning of real relationships.

No regrets. No turning back. I'm ditching my personal FB for good.

A Year Without Facebook

Again, it was a personal decision but with or without social media, learn to focus on how you can be a better person, learn to love the things and value the genuine people in your life. Lastly, learn to be inspired by other people’s success rather than competing with them.

xoxo berryduchess