Kylie Jenner Crème Eyeshadows in Rose Gold and Copper

These are the first set of creme eyeshadows from Kylie Jenner’s makeup label and they were part of her limited edition 2016 birthday collection. It ran for the whole month of August – they had the launch date and 2 restocks, which by the way, were all sold out.

Kylie Jenner Birthday Collection

So yes, you are looking at these hard-to-find babies but don’t worry because Kylie just announced that they will have the last restock for this collection and that will be on Wednesday, August 31st at 3PM, PST.

I failed to grab the bundle (and I’m telling you, I did my best but it’s just CRAZY!) and got 5 items and in my opinion, they are the must-haves among the bunch.


The eyeshadows are housed in small glass jars with gold, twistable cover, similar to MAC’s Paint Pots packaging.

Kylie Jenner Rose Gold and Copper Creme Eyeshadow Review and Swatch

Kylie Jenner Rose Gold and Copper Creme Eyeshadow Review and Swatch

Kylie Jenner Rose Gold Creme Eyeshadow Review and Swatch

They are soft, buttery and really easy to use. You can use your fingertips or a synthetic brush to apply. I tested these for a week and all the days that I wore them, I was impressed. They applied evenly, easy to blend and once they set on your eyelids, it will not move, crease or fade. Also, it lasted the whole day despite the hot weather.

Kylie Jenner Rose Gold and Copper Creme Eyeshadow Swatches


Remember Boho Chic-inspired/Bronzed and Glowy look that I did a week ago? In that look, I used the Rose Gold Creme Eyeshadow on the center part of the lid and used the MAC Fix+ to foil it a little.

Kylie Jenner Rose Gold Creme Eyeshadow Review and Swatch

Boho_Chic_Bronzed and glowy Look_berryduchess

Bronze and glow makeup4_berryduchess


I used this beautiful babe when I recreated (SPOILER ALERT!) Adele’s makeup in her video, Send My Love (To Your Lover). It will be out in the next coming days, so stay tuned! But aside from the sneak peek that I shared, here’s another one.

Kylie Jenner Copper Creme Eyeshadow Review and Swatch



Let me start by saying, I really adore the packaging of Kylie’s Birthday Bundle– YES to that gold and black colour combination. Now out of all the products in this collection, these crème eyeshadows are the top performers. Highly recommended and if you have the chance to get them, all means, do!

In summary, they are:

  • soft and buttery
  • really easy to use; use your fingertip to dab or a synthetic brush to apply.
  • applies evenly
  • easy to blend and
  • long lasting


  • Each crème eyeshadow is sold at 20 USD
  • Birthday Bundle is sold at 195 USD

I bought these directly from Kylie’s website.

*shipping fee will be added separately.

The only thing that I did not like is the plasticky smell but it’s not strong. You will only notice it when you smell it directly from the pot.

kylie jenner review

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