*The Best Online Beauty Shops in Singapore

While shopping with friends at the mall is still many a woman’s favourite pastime, we can’t help but be enamoured with the convenience of online shopping. The only thing that’s better than playing with all the testers in-store is not having to leave your house to buy your products. No longer do we have to trek over to the mall when we run out of our beloved perfume or foundation. With just a couple of clicks on your computer (or taps on your phone), buying cosmetics has never been easier for us, and that’s all thanks to the booming e-commerce industry in Singapore and the rest of the Southeast Asian region.

In terms of internet shopping, Southeast Asia has been regarded as one of the most promising markets, as internet speeds continue to improve throughout the region (Fun fact: Singapore has the fastest speed!). But internet speed hasn’t stopped other countries from shopping their favourite brands online.

Demographics have also played a key role in e-commerce, with 60 percent of Indonesia’s population under the age of 30. According to Global Trade Magazine, the Philippines has the youngest population in the region, 44 percent under the age of 19 and 75 under 40. As a country that still prefers cash over credit card, online retailers like Pretty Me have expanded their payment options to include bank installments and cash on delivery (COD), encouraging online shops within the country and SE Asia at large to follow in suit.


Increased payment options have made online shopping accessible for people in various tax brackets, making it simple for beauty addicts to purchase their trusted products, without any financial bias. But enough about the benefits of e-stores. Let’s take a look at some of the best digital beauty shops in SG:

1) Mandy T Skincare

So many brands out there include toxins and harmful doses of chemicals in their sprays, creams, lotions and serums. Mandy T takes the guesswork out of the questionable ingredients in labels, offering an all-natural, hand-crafted solution to your skincare routine. It’s the first vegan skincare brand in the country, and allows you to make your purchases through PayPal.

2)   13rushes

Be an advocate of animal rights and switch out your makeup brushes for cruelty-free ones at 13rushes. The shop has a full range of brushes that come in various kits, made from hand-trimmed synthetic fibres that are a great alternative to natural hair brushes. Checkout is via PayPal.

3) Naiise

Home shoppers rejoiced in the creation of Naiise, but did you know that there’s a section for beauty and grooming? What’s great about these items is that they offer a Singaporean flair, celebrating the artisans and local brands. Payments include COD.

Online Shopping Tips:

Although online shopping for toiletries and makeup are nowhere near as tricky as buying clothes and shoes, there are certain things you should consider before making final purchases.

  • When in doubt, go for a top seller – If you’re new to a site and not sure of which product you should buy, start off with their best sellers. They help you decide if you want to continue shopping with them in the future.
  • Check the return policy – Some brands offer free returns and exchanges, even if the package has been opened.
  • Make a list of beauty needs – Buying makeup and other goodies online can be dangerously expensive, so it’s best that you make a list prior to shopping to prevent overspending.

shopping list

Happy online beauty shopping!

*This article is a Guest Post

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