Wellness with Berry & Plank with Me Challenge

It’s my pleasure to announce that Berryduchess.com has a new sister!

WellnesswithBerry banner

Wellness with Berry will feature health & fitness journey as I thrive towards a healthy lifestyle and I’m inviting you to join me and become the stronger version of ourselves. The links of the accounts are found at the bottom of this blog. 🙂

I already posted several videos, but in case you missed the quick chat, just check the link below.

And now, I want to invite everyone, especially the fitness newbies and let’s do this challenge together! Don’t worry because I’m no pro either!


PLANK is a simple core exercise but pretty challenging. I remember my first week of doing this and I can only hold the position for less than 10 seconds. So if you’re a newbie, it’s okay if you can’t hold for long. What’s important is that you give attention to the correct form.

Plank helps us achieve a better posture, better balance and relieve that back pain. What’s good about this exercise is that you can do it anytime and no equipment needed. Just have a timer and you’re all set.

Here’s another tip: Plank is one of the best ways to get some abs

Planking Challenge

Plank with Me Challenge 1 – The Forearm Plank

The #PlankwithMeChallenge will feature 7 variations of the plank pose. I understand that we cannot master this exercise (or any workout) overnight, so instead of doing it for a full week, I’m going to reveal the other poses in the coming days/weeks. Our goal is not to beat time, rather, be better as we go along.

Planking may look easy, but it will shake the shnitz out of you!

To start our challenge, let’s do the Forearm Plank.

  • Set your timer for one (1) minute but if you can’t hold it that long, that’s okay. Remember, all of us are newbies here. No one will judge you.
  • Now, if you can do 10 seconds today, do 3 sets of 10 seconds. Then when you do it tomorrow, try making that 15 secs (for 3 sets) and add more as you go on.


If you really can’t do this pose, you can bring down your knees and lift your feet instead.

Beginner's Plank

Photo courtesy of Greatist.com

You can do this as a workout finisher or treat is your main workout.

NOTE: This video is in a fast forward mode that’s why it’s a bit quick.



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