Fitness Spot: Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym

Here’s my full story of my boxing sessions at Elorde Gym & everything that you may wanna know if you want to try boxing for the first time, too! Click the link to read full post.

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I went home to Manila and stayed there for a couple of weeks (almost two months, actually) and so I was kinda expecting that my regular workout schedule will change. True enough, I get to exercise at least once a week (lucky if I can do it 2x/week) and thanks to my active friend, Jo, that I get to try boxing. So here are my thoughts on my experience.

What to Expect:

1. The Elorde Reyes gym is not air-conditioned.

They got good ventilation tho’. Personally, I prefer gyms that are not air-conditioned because I love being soaked in sweat while working out.

Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym Review

2. Gloves and Wraps

It’s understandable if you don’t have your own boxing gloves & hand wraps. Elorde can spare you some BUT! I highly suggest that you at least get your own wrap.

3. Prepare to do a proper warm-up.

Like any other exercise routine, it’s important to do at least 10-15 minutes of warm up. Warming up the muscles & joints will help avoid injuries. Think like that of a car’s engine. Kailangan mo munang painitin ang makina bago iharurot.

Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym Review

Here are some warm-up exercises that you can do:

  • 2-minute jump rope/skip rope
  • 5-minute jog
  • Alternate lunges
  • Push-ups (if you can) or plank
  • jumping jacks

4. You’re slow & prone to mistakes.

Of course, you’re slow! Your coach will not expect a lot because they know it’s your first time. So be sure to listen to your coach & don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym Review 10

5. Exhaustion is REAL.

You’ll be out of breath. So DON’T YOU DARE UNDERESTIMATE this workout. Endurance is the key and you’ll get to develop it as you go on. I’m not a fan of cardio and so my endurance is poor. I can punch hard but can’t finish 3 sets. Listen to your body and if you have to stop, by all means, do it and let your coach know. Again, this is just an exercise and you’re not in a real boxing match, ok?

Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym Review by berryduchess

6. Prepare to have DOMS.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is to be expected because it’s a full body workout. So just like the warm-up, it’s also important that you do a cooldown routine. On my first session, I did my own cool down exercises and on the 2nd day after my boxing session, I can BARELY lift my arms! On my 3rd session, I let the coach assist me and it’s way better than what I usually practice.

Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym Review

Managing your sore muscles is important. I suggest that you rest from your workout at least for a day. Eat some bananas. Stay hydrated and maybe some chocolate milk. They are great for your sore muscles. On the second day, try to move a little. Do some stretching; a light yoga to let the new blood flow.

7. Always observe a good personal hygiene.

This is like a general rule when working out in a gym – be responsible enough to clean the tools that you used, especially the mats where you lay your uber sweaty body. Every facility will normally have a bottle of alcohol & clean rug nearby. So please use them.

Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym Review

8. Price

Their annual membership fee had a recent price increase right after holy week. From 1000 PHP, it’s now 1,200  PHP.

RATES as of April 2018

  • ANNUAL Membership Fee – 1200 PHP
  • Student/Group of Five (5)  –   960 PHP


  • MEMBER – 200 PHP
  • NON-MEMBER – 350 PHP


  • MEMBER – 250 PHP
  • NON-MEMBER – 450 PHP






Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym Review 9

There’s no doubt that boxing is a good full body workout. It’s an overall body & mind coordination and it just works! It requires a lot of core strength and of course, endurance. I’m happy that I’ve tried and although it can be brutal on the first couple of sessions, I think you’ll get the hang of it as you continue practising. Nothing is hard if you’re having a good time.

Each session is an opportunity to learn and know yourself better. Don’t be afraid to push yourself a little. You’ll be surprised at your own capabilities. So try to amaze yourself once in a while.

Elorde Reyes Boxing Gym Review

So did I like it? YES. In fact, I signed up for Elorde’s annual membership. I plan to do boxing whenever I’m in Manila and it’s gonna be the perfect workout especially when I can’t have my regular exercise schedule. Also, I’m hoping to find a gym near our place here in Singapore where we can do a session or two every month.  But there you go!

So will you try boxing?? Yey or nay? Let me know what you think!


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