Yup I am That Girl Maine Mendoza Book Review

Book List #1: Yup, I Am That Girl by Maine Mendoza

I’ve been collecting books for a few years now and I keep adding some more every time I encounter titles that tickles my curiosity. So after failed attempts of doing a yearly Book Challenge, I finally had a good start this year and I finished my 4th book today. Yey for me! So this is the part where I’m supposed to share the titles that I currently have & want to read. But then, I’m gonna do that later. (Please watch out for the list!)

Instead, I’ll post my quick takes on the 4 books and let me start with Maine Mendoza’s Yup, I Am That Girl.

Date Finished: 18 February 2018

I finished this last February while I was in Manila and here it goes:

Thoughts on Yup, I Am That Girl by Maine Mendoza 

I enjoyed reading her book because I felt that she was actually talking to me.Parang chatting with a new friend, ganern. Unlike some who just came up with a book just because it’s uso or trend on celebrities. Believe me, I know ‘coz I bought a few of those and I got really disappointed!

Tipong ang laki ng texts tapos puro photos. Not worth the price, to be honest.

This book is a revelation.

It’s about HER – her thoughts, her personal stories, her opinions, dreams & future plans. Nakakatuwa lang because it’s simple and straightforward. With so much articles that came out about her, minsan paulet-ulet na lang yung mababasa mo, pero here, she shared pieces of her that life that you can never read from magazines.

This book proved that she’s one of the rare gems in the local showbiz. And yes, I’m a fan. 😍

Yup, I Am That Girl by Maine Mendoza - Book Review


Let me know your thoughts :)

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