Cotton On Activewear Review

I tried and tested the Cotton On’s Activewear and here are my thoughts.


I’m an Under Armour girl but that doesn’t stop me from trying other brands because there’s so much good stuff out there! A pair or two won’t be so bad and besides, it’s great to have variety, too. So today, I’ll talk about Cotton On’s activewear.

Cotton On is a huge hit in Singapore but I had a sort of, love-&-hate relationship with it over the past years because while it’s friendly on my budget, the clothes don’t last long. After several washes, it’s either the shirt is out of shape or had holes. But I also had some good ones, so it’s quite of a mix feelings, really. So when they came up with an activewear line, I got interested because their price is like 50% less than the sports brands. Good news, eh? Now, the next question will be the quality and that’s my goal for today.

As a reference, I’m wearing…


  • Medium or US 8 with Under Armour & Adidas
  • L/XL on Nike Asia (I really think that we have smaller fit here compared to the US)
  • Lululemon Size 6 


  • Under Armour – Large
  • Lululemon – Size 10

Let’s begin!

Back to School Tight / Workout Cardio Crop

Cotton On_Back to School Tights Review_Frosted Blue_workout cardio crop Full view 2

Cotton On_Back to School Tights Review_Frosted Blue_workout cardio crop

Workout Cardio Crop

Fit & Quality:

I’m wearing a LARGE size (AU 14 / US 10 / EU 42 / UK 14) and it has a bit of a wiggle compared to my other sports bras, but still comfortable. I think a medium size will do for me next time. Cotton On’s sizing is a bit bigger, so please take note of that. This design is best for low-intensity workouts. 

Cotton On_Back to School Tights Review_Frosted Blue_1

Design & Performance:

This has a standard sports bra design with removable foam cup inserts and smooth elastic underbust. HOWEVER! As much as I liked this bra, I’m not crazy about it. It was JUST OKAY.  

Cotton On_Back to School Tights Review_Frosted Blue_workout cardio crop

Internal waistband coin pocket

Cotton On_Back to School Tights Review_Frosted Blue_details 1

Back to School Tight in Frosted Blue

Cotton On_Back to School Tights Review_Frosted Blue_workout cardio crop Full view


  • Mid-rise / true waistline / ultimate comfort / high waisted tights
  • Stretchy waistband
  • Skinny fit designed to firmly hug the body
  • Full length to the ankle
  • Wide Stretch fabric waistband doubled over
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Internal waistband coin pocket
  • Fun allover prints unique to Cotton On BODY
  • Knitted garment
  • Flatlocked stitching

Fit & Quality:

I’m wearing a Medium (AU 12 / US 8 / EU 40 / UK 12) size and the length complements taller women, and in my opinion,  it’s a bit longer for an average Asian fit. I pulled down the legging towards the feet and created a ruching effect to get the proper fit. Another thing will be the fold. I know! this may be petty for some but for me, it’s important. I don’t want folds like this because I don’t usually get folds like this from my leggings.

The thing is, I think Medium is the perfect size for me. It hugs my thighs and hips perfectly, but it’s a bit lose on the waist.

Cotton On_Back to School Tights Review_Frosted Blue_3

Another thing is the quality of this leggings – > Look at the loose threads and I took this photo the day after I bought it. I failed to check them while I was in the store and like they say in Tagalog – hindi pulido ang yari.

Cotton On_Back to School Tight Review_Frosted Blue_details

Design & Performance:

As for this area, they got it perfectly fine.


  • Back to School Tight – 29.95 SGD
  • Workout Cardio Crop – 24.95 SGD


To be honest,  I’ve been wanting to try lighter shades of workout wear. I love my usuals but it’s also nice to have fun colours, too. Of course, we got them all out there but the prices of the top brands are just steep. This pair ain’t bad for their price. They deliver and works fine but my only reservation for these will be their quality after around 4 or more washes. So far, I’ve used the top 3 times and the garter is a bit loose compared to when I first wore it. But we’ll see and I’ll keep you updated. 😉

COTTON ON Activewear Review

Will you recommend it?

If you’re on a babe in a budget or just want to add variety in your workout wear, you can give these a try. 🙂

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3 comments on “Cotton On Activewear Review”

    1. Hi! actually, they are actually in pretty good shape. but I only use this for home workouts tho’ because I’m scared that it’s not holding my body on the right places as I move


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