KREIV’S Ultimate Dream Cake is Every Chocoholic’s Dream Cake!

Oh. My. Gawd!

These are the exact words that came out of our mouths after our first bite of Kreiv’s Ultimate Dream Cake.

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Chocolate Cakes in Tins

I’ve seen posts and people were talking about these cakes in tins lately and I was like, Is this another trend? perhaps a hype? Even my sisters back in Manila were raving about it. Masarap daw! And it’s a must-try when I get home.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I posted on my IG stories (@berryduchess) that I was craving for a luscious and sinful chocolate cake and while we tried to satisfy our sweet tooth by getting more than 6 different types of chocolate cake slices from different stores & on different dates, of course! Nothing really hit the spot. Nothing SIOK! So I just moved on leaving the cakes barely eaten. Unfortunately, my dear husband had to finish them for me.

Then comes KREIV.

My husband’s officemate told him about the brand and with such enthusiasm, he told me that he’s gonna let me try a chocolate cake and I was like, okay… I have no expectations at that point.

And earlier this evening, I met one of the creators of Kreiv to pick up the goodies and finally get the taste. So here are the details!



The cake is round ((6×2 inches) and packaged in a rose gold tin can and then carefully placed in a box. The packaging is simple, presentable but also secured which is great so that the cake won’t wiggle around especially if you’ll have a long travel home.

Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review _packaging by BErryduchess

Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review _packaging 2 by Berryduchess

Luscious Details

KREIV’s famous 7 Layers of Goodness include: (placement is from bottom to top)

  • BASE – Super moist chocolate chiffon – this is my favourite part! I can eat it all day!
  • Followed by a layer of Chocolate Ganache
  • then the ooey-gooey Chocolate Goo
  • fourth comes the Chocolate Fudge
  • then a layer of Lite Lava
  • followed by Shards
  • and finally topped with Bitter-Sweet Cocoa Powder

Salivating yet? Here are my photos to help you amp your mood for this bad boy!

Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review _3 by BErryduchess

Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review by BErryduchess

It was a delicious & beautiful marriage of all the 7 layers of chocolate and the creators of this masterpiece perfected the balance of sweetness without sacrificing the chocolate-y taste.

Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review _close up by Berryduchess.jpeg

Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review _4 by BErryduchess

The first bite was an OMG moment! It was a delicious & beautiful marriage of all the 7 layers of chocolate and the creators of this masterpiece perfected the balance of sweetness without sacrificing the chocolate-y taste. I’m not a dessert person and it’s rare for me to find sweet stuff that I really like. I mean, I’m a black coffee drinker and a dark chocolate (with at least 75% or higher) lover to begin with! I’m not a fun person when it comes to sweets. And admit it or not, the majority of the cakes sold in the market today are too sweet (at least for my taste). Even those at the coffee shops na sinasabi nilang homemade or artisanal. So this one surprised me and my taste buds.

So for me to say that this made it on my dessert list is something to really rave for! I mean, you must try it, I swear!!

Every bite is a rich celebration of premium Belgian & Australian dark chocolates and it’s worth the indulgence! A bit of a warning, ‘tho! Be sure that you get a slice and don’t eat straight from the tin or you might be surprised that you finished the entire thing in one sitting! IT.IS.THAT.ADDICTIVE!


Will workout for KREIV's chocolate cake!

We are officially part of the SATISFIED CLIENTS cluster! I highly recommend this to all the chocoholics reading this and if you’re not into sweet stuff, just give it a bite and you might be convinced like me! And can I just say? love the wordplay that they did for the brand name! Kreiv as in CRAVE. 😀 noiceeeeee!


KREIV offers 3 flavours and they are:

  • Ultimate Dream Cake (over 700 grams; 6×2 inches) priced at 33 SGD/cake
  • Ultimate Yema Cake (over 500 grams) priced at 29 SGD/cake
  • Red Wine Dream Cake (over 700 grams) priced at 33 SGD/cake

*There are additional charges for Short Memo or rush orders as a typical order should be placed at least 3 days in advance.

How to Order:

  • Send them a message thru their Facebook page or Instagram account @kreiv_chocoholic
  • Free tags & candles for birthdays & anniversaries

If you’re looking for something to give to your family this holiday season, this is a great choice! Give them the chance to enjoy and experience the luscious chocolate experience by Kreiv!

xoxo roma - Aug 2018

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