We Tried the Latest KREIV Cake Creations & Here’s What We Think

Here’s everything that you need to know about Kreiv’s Nutella Dream Cake & Ultimate Cheesecake. 🙂

Nutella Dream Cake

Nutella Dreamcake by Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review_4 by Berryduchess

Luscious Details

  • Almond Cake (Flourless!)
  • Hazelnut Cream
  • Hazelnuts
  • Nutella Goo
  • Nutella Glaze
  • Dark Chocolate Crispearls

Nutella Dreamcake by Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review_2 by Berryduchess

My husband is a Nutella lover so this is almost a sure hit for him but I’m unsure because I prefer dark chocolates. But I also love nuts! So when  I had my first bite of this cake, I can’t stop myself from asking the creators about the sponge! Out of the 4 cakes that we’ve tried (Yep! we love them that much and we already tried 4!), this offers something different.

Your tastebuds will enjoy the sponge’s subtle sweetness with a burst of hazelnuts.


I tried consuming the sponge without any of the creams and chocolates and yep, it can stand alone! It’s delish! I had to do that to find out if the sponge depends on the sweet elements of the cake but I’m happy to say that every layer of this dessert was splendidly thought of.

Nutella Dreamcake by Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review3_by Berryduchess

Nutella Dreamcake by Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review_by Berryduchess

Ultimate Cheesecake with Caramel & Sea Salt Flakes

Ultimate Cheesecake by Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review 3 by Berryduchess

It’s every cheesecake lover’s dream come true!

When Kreiv teased their IG followers with a post of the crumbs in a tin can, I got so excited because I know their working on their cheesecake! I was so excited but at the same time, I mouthed “Oh no! Lagot na!!!” Cheesecake is one of my weaknesses that even when I’m on a strict diet plan, I will have a room for a slice of my favourite cheesecake.

I’ve tried & tasted a number of cheesecakes and some of the best are the following:

  • Taal Vista Hotel’s Blueberry Cheesecake (not sure if they still have this to date)
  • Starbucks PH Blueberry Cheesecake
  • CBTL’s Chicago Cheesecake
  • CBTL’s Original Speculoos Cheesecake *seasonal
  • The Coffee Project PH’s Strawberry Almond Cheesecake
  • The Coffee Project PH’s Blueberry Cheesecake

Coffee Project Cheesecakes

CBTL Chicago Cheese Cake

And the forgettables are…

  • The Central Perk Singapore’s Mrs. Braverman’s Cheesecake 
  • CBTL Triple Decker Cheesecake – too mushy and I can’t decide if I’m gonna be sad or be pissed because I can’t find the taste of cheese. Just a mushy dessert, TBH.
  • CBTL Ube Cheesecake – THIS IS NOT A CHEESECAKE!!!! Just. No. #nuffsaid

Coffee Bean Philippines Cheesecakes

Mrs. Braverman's Cheesecake_Central Perk Singapore Review

check out the review here.

As a self-proclaimed cheesecake lover, this hits the right spot!

Ultimate Cheesecake by Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review by Berryduchess

Luscious Details

  • flourless
  • soft & creamy, infused with caramel sauce
  • paired with buttery digestive cracker crust plus sprinkled with some sea salt flakes on top.


As suggested by Kreiv, it’s best to keep these frozen & thaw it before serving and so we did. Let me say that I wasn’t surprised that I love it BUT! because it’s not too sweet & too creamy, you won’t feel the umay. In fact, you’ll feel that 1 or 2 bites won’t be enough.

That’s one thing that I’ve experienced with other cheesecakes. They may be delicious pero madali kang mauumay or nakakasunok. But this isn’t like that so you have to be careful because you might indulge too much! 😀

we enjoyed the subtle sweetness of the caramel frosting & the smooth creaminess of the cheesecake and the crumbs were oh, so finely milled. Ah! PURE DECADENCE!

Ultimate Cheesecake by Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review_2 by Berryduchess


We truly enjoyed these 2 new flavours. Each Kreiv cake offers a different experience to your palate that you can’t even choose which is the best! Seryoso! I’d be torn if you’ll ask me! So don’t! Hehehe! Also, this is hubby’s new favourite cake!

Each KREIV cake offers a different experience to your palate.

If you’re thinking of getting these cakes as a gift for special occasions, here are some of my suggestions:

  • Ultimate Dream Cake (7 layers of goodness) + Champagne
  • Ultimate Cheesecake with Sea Salt & Caramel + White wine or Coffee  (go for a Dark Roast)

a cup of Americano is best paired with such creamy dessert. Thank me later. 😉

  • Nutella Dream Cake + Red Wine or Coffee


KREIV now offers 5 flavours and here’s an updated list:

  • Ultimate Dream Cake (over 700 grams; 6×2 inches) priced at 33 SGD/cake
  • Only Chocolate Cake (600 grams) priced at 29 SGD/cake
  • Ultimate Yema Cake (over 500 grams) priced at 29 SGD/cake
  • Ultimate Cheesecake with Caramel & Sea Salt Flakes ( 550 grams) priced at 31 SGD/cake
  • Nutella Dream Cake ( 500 grams) priced at 37 SGD/cake

*Red Wine Dream Cake is a HOLIDAY SEASON OFFERING; (over 700 grams) priced at 33 SGD/cake

*There are additional charges for Short Memo or rush orders as a typical order should be placed at least 3 days in advance.

How to Order:

  • Send them a message thru their Facebook page or Instagram account @kreiv_chocoholic
  • Free tags & candles for birthdays & anniversaries

You can check out my review on Kreiv’s Ultimate Dream Cake here.

Kreiv_Chocoholic Singapore Review by BErryduchess_

Until our next food adventure!

xoxo roma