Love You, Love You Not by Jo Watson | Book Review

Love You Love You Not - Jo Watson book review_berryduchess

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary Romance/Humor
Publishing Date: 14 May 2019
Date Finished Reading: 18 June 2019


There’s a fine line between love and hate…

Poppy Peterson is about to be evicted if she doesn’t pay her rent. She used to be an actress on a telenovela until her character, Ramona Gonzalez, Executive Administrative Assistant to the CEO, was killed off. Unfortunately, dead characters can’t pay the bills.

Ryan Stark is a tough boss – especially if you’re his assistant. He’s been through five in the last two months and now no one wants to work for him. He needs an assistant who can meet his demands. And he can be very demanding.

Poppy’s been an assistant before – well, on screen anyway. It can’t be that hard to do in real life, right?

Two things are for sure. Poppy is about to play the role of a lifetime. And Ryan is about to learn a whole new lesson about what’s really important in life.

Love You Love You Not - Jo Watson book review_berryduchess 2

thoughtsI worked hard to get my copy of this book because it’s not yet available in Singapore and I got mine from Book Depository, so there’s that. When it arrived, I finished the book within 24 hours because it’s a quick read. But amongst the Jo Watson novels that I’ve read, I guess this is my least favourite.

Like I said in my previous reviews, the author seemed to have perfected the art of coming up with characters that are ridiculously funny and on this book, Poppy was exceptionally unlucky. Like when you say you had a crappy day, it’s nothing compared to Poppy’s experiences. And while a lot of scenes were dead-on hilarious! As a reader, it will make you think – why is she not fired yet? And obviously, the budding romance between her and Ryan was the reason (of course, we know that) but I’m not completely sold because she screwed up A LOT!! I mean, the email alone! OMG! And then the scene at the construction site where she had a mishap with the ladder. 😅

The rest was nice and romantic but towards the last few chapters where Ryan got mad because Poppy said yes to a job in Jo’burg, it was a bit silly of a reaction coming from a 37-year-old man who’s a CEO of a huge company. So I felt that the novel fell a little short on that but overall, it was okay.

This is one of the quick, hilarious read and I’m giving it 3 stars.

book rating 3 out of 5

Love You Love You Not - Jo Watson quote on grief and sadness_berryduchess

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