Reasons Why You Should Order Your Next Activewear from Day to Day Athleisure | Review

Day to Day Athleisure Review_Philippines_Berryduchess

This is the first time that I’m featuring a brand from the Philippines and I’m very excited because finally!!!! We got a local brand that’s at par with international activewear brands.

The Brand

Day to Day Athleisure is a created & owned by Abby Marie Yap and her goals?

Our mission is to provide customers with well-designed pieces that help them function all day, from day to day. We want to associate wellness and comfort to a look that is for the metropolitan life where people live in a rapid pace.​

Our vision is to spark a community of happy, confident, and empowered individuals. We want our products to help people thrive in a constant state….and to be Philippines’ #1 local athleisure brand by 2025. NO BIGGIE.

Ordering Process:

The ordering process is simple & easy. Just do the following:

  1. Go to Day to Day Athleisure website.
  2. Click the Menu icon at the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Create a New Account and provide your details (Name, email & chosen password) and click CREATE button.
  4. Just follow the easy steps and after you’ve set up your account, you are now ready to shop online.

After you confirm the order, you’ll be directed to the page where they’ll provide a link on how to check your order status.

Payment Options:

  • Paypal
  • Bank Deposit – BPI/BDO
    • Account details will be sent once the order’s been placed.
  • GCash Payments
    • Choose the Bank Deposit option
    • Send a private message thru their official Instagram account or email to confirm that you’re paying thru GCash and the details will be provided.

Shipping Details:

Shipping times kick in when your item(s) have left our distribution centre. Please allow for 1-2 business days for processing at our distribution centre before your order is shipped.

  • Metro Manila – 3- 5 Days
  • Provincial – 5-7 working Days
  • International – 5-7 Days or may take longer but mine was fast and received it within 5 days.

Day to Day Athleisure Review_Dont Sweat It Leggings_Midnight and Boundless Top_Blush_Berryduchess


I ordered 4 items from their current collections and here’s what to expect from your package:

  • Items are packaged individually, with tags on.
  • There’s no box, but they will be in a silver, mini shopper’s tote.

Day to Day Athleisure

Size Reference – Bottoms
 - Under Armour & Adidas - Medium/US 8 
 - Nike Asia - XL
 - Nike US - L
 - Lululemon - Size 6 

Size Reference – Tops
Tank Tops (Depending on the fit) 
 - Under Armour & Adidas - M-L /US 10 or 12
 - Nike Asia - XL (they run a size smaller)

Sports Bra 
 - Under Armour/Adidas – Large
 - Nike - XL
 - Lululemon – Size 10

 *Nike Asia runs a size smaller

Long Shot Top

Day to Day Athleisure LONG SHOT

This is a beautiful top and true to its description, I love the design & structure because it allows you to move freely without worrying that your chest will overspill. Yes, that’s my major problem for chesty ladies like myself and who wants a nip slip in the middle of a workout? Gurl! if I want to be famous, not that way, okkkurt?!


I also hate it when the bra/inner bra is so tight that it can hurt the girls, you know what I mean?? Yeah! it happens! But with the Long Shot top, you won’t experience that. It hugs the body on the right places and it’s so comfy!


  • 87% Nylon
  • 13% Spandex

Available Colours:

  • Black
  • Pink
  • White

Power Up Leggings

Day to Day AthleisurePOWERUP LEGGINGS


  • mid-rise waistband & 7/8 length
  • buttery-soft fabric
  • Designed for low to medium-impact workouts like yoga, pilates, and weight training.
  • feels like a second skin
  • side pockets

Did someone say POCKETS?

Mother effin’ POCKETSSSSS! Yes! This is one of the key features of the Power Up Leggings and let me tell you that we all need pockets! You know why? Because you can place your phones on the side pockets while working out & you don’t have to worry about the gym germs that’s gonna stick to your mobile phones. Gosh, how I wish all my leggings got pockets!

Day to Day Athleisure Review Power Up Leggings_Bubble Gum_Berryduchess


  • 80% Nylon
  • 20% Spandex

Available Colours:

  • Bubble Gum (Pink)
  • Blueberry (Dark Blue)

Day to Day Athleisure Review_Power Up Leggings_Bubble Gum and Long Shot Top_Starburst_Berryduchess

Day to Day Athleisure Review_Power Up Leggings_Bubble Gum and Long Shot Top_Starburst_Berryduchess 2

Boundless Sports Bra

Day to Day Athleisure BOUNDLESS BRA

Boundless Sports Bra has a lower cut, but you still get the support that you need while working out. I got a thick back and I agree to their claim that the straps DO flatter your back. I’ve tried wearing this for running, HIIT, weightlifting & Yoga and again, nothing but love for this bra. I’m very sure I’ll get more of this design.



  • 87% Nylon
  • 13% Spandex

Day to Day Athleisure Review_Dont Sweat It Leggings_Midnight and Boundless Top_Blush_Berryduchess 2

Don’t Sweat It Leggings

Day to Day Athleisure leggings


  • high-rise waistband &  7/8 length leg
  • sleek, form-fitting
  • designed for high-impact workouts/running errands in style
  • feels like a second skin
  • feminine scalloped detailing at the calf of the leggings.


  • 83% Nylon
  • 17% Spandex

Day to Day Athleisure Review_Dont Sweat It Leggings_Midnight_Berryduchess 3

Day to Day Athleisure Review_Dont Sweat It Leggings_Midnight and Boundless Top_Blush_Berryduchess 3

Day to Day Athleisure Review_Dont Sweat It Leggings_Midnight_Berryduchess 3

Now that I’ve showcased the products that I got from Day to Day, we’ve come to the part that you’ve been waiting for…The REASONS why you should consider this brand on your next purchase:

1. Chic Design & High-Quality Performance:

This category is very important to me because I’m a meaty girl/large-framed and just like how I’ve (shamelessly) laid out my issues with the Nike Asia’s sizing, it’s a challenge for me to find athletic brands to wear. Imagine trying to put on a size L bottom but you look like you’re a sausage in a case?? 


So as a personal rule, once I find something that works for my body, I stick with it. That’s the explanation of my undying love for Underarmour – it’s one of my ride-or-die brands and I’ll always be a UA girl. 😀

And that’s also how I’ll describe my current relationship with the Day to Day Athleisure,  I’ve put these products to test & I’ve been wearing them non-stop since they arrived and despite the wash-and-wear situation, the quality remained the same. No colour-fading or loose threads. Plus! it dries quickly. They’ve easily become my gym uniforms.

All the products were

  • stretchy
  • offers full support
  • chic & aesthetically pleasing without compromising the performance.
    • again, POCKETS!
  • Versatility
    • These are so comfortable that not only can you wear them for exercise, but you can also put these on, walk in the city and meet your best gals for brunch or do your errands. Again, CHIC is the word!

2. Value for Money

  • Boundless Sports Bra – 1499 PHP
  • Long Shot Top – 1799 PHP
  • Don’t Sweat It Leggings – 1799 PHP
  • Power Up Leggings – 1799 PHP

Given these prices and comparing it with the leading international brands, there’s a HUGE difference! A pair of average-performing leggings can range from 2200 PHP ++ and up. With Day to Day, you pay a lower price but you get great quality almost identical to Lululemon! Not kidding here.


so by this 3rd Bianca Del Rio GIF, you can probably tell that I love her!  

3. Great Customer Service.

I’ll repeat this over and over because I’m a real sucker for good customer service because I was from that industry and Day to Day’s Athleisure’s way of handling clients is nothing but a wonderful experience. I sent my inquiry regarding the sizes thru IG & they’re very responsive & they will assist you with all your questions & concerns. Very friendly & professional. So if you’re unsure, especially with your sizes, just drop them a message!

and lastly,

4. #LoveLokal

As mentioned earlier & on my try-on video, Day to Day Athleisure is a Philippine brand. All their products are locally designed but the materials are carefully sourced internationally to maintain the standard of quality that they offer to their customers, A.K.A. me and you 😀


Overall, I’m happy and highly satisfied with my recent purchase. I’m glad that I found another brand that truly cares about their clients and that’s why I did this review so I can spread the good word!

Will you recommend it?

Yes! I highly recommend them to you! So you better check them out now!

There’s my review for the Day to Day Athleisure! Thanks for your time and until my next review. 😀

Day to Day Athleisure
website | Instagram

xoxo roma

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