I tried these activewear brand from Singapore and here’s what I think.

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I tried these activewear brand from Singapore and here’s what I think.

Kydra Singapore Review

The Brand

Kydra was founded by Dingyao Wong and Jimmy Poh who had the idea of creating the “perfect pair of shorts for every city athlete" inspired by their own experiences as athletes in Singapore's modern and urban society. This led them to design Kydra’s first product, the “Kydra Flex Shorts”, in 2016. The "Kydra Flex Shorts" was a pair of men's gym shorts that could also double up as casual shorts.


We created Kydra for people like us. Our plans and schedules are constantly changing. One moment you’re in a business meeting, and next you’re in the gym for yoga. What you wear should be versatile and adaptable for the different situations you may face as you go about your day. You shouldn’t have to plan your day around worrying about how many outfits you need, when you can just bring one.

Ordering Process

The ordering process is simple & easy. Just do the following:

  1. Go to KYDRA Singapore website.
  2. Click the ACCOUNT icon at the upper RIGHT corner of the screen.
  3. Create a New Account and provide your details (Name, email & chosen password) and click CREATE MY ACCOUNT button.
  4. Just follow the easy steps and after you’ve set up your account, you are now ready to shop online.

After you confirm your order, you’ll be directed to the page where they’ll provide a link on how to check your order status.

Shipping Details

KYDRA offers the following:

  • LOCAL (Singapore) Shipping
    • Free shipping on orders above $50.
    • Flat rate delivery fee of $5 on orders below $50.
    • Orders will be received within 2 – 4 business days from the date of order placed.
  • International Shipping
    • Free shipping is offered on orders above $100.
    • Orders below $100 – a flat rate delivery fee based on your location.
      • Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia: $10
      • Australia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam: $20
      • New Zealand: $30
      • All other countries: $50
    • Orders will be received within 2 – 4 business days from the date of order placed.


I ordered 3 articles and each item was beautifully packaged in a customised ziplock bag with the brand logo.

Kydra Singapore Review


Size Reference – Bottoms
 - Under Armour & Adidas - Medium/US 8 
 - Nike Asia - XL
 - Nike US - L
 - Lululemon - Size 6 

Size Reference – Tops
Tank Tops (Depending on the fit) 
 - Under Armour & Adidas - M-L /US 10 or 12
 - Nike Asia - XL (they run a size smaller)

Sports Bra 
 - Under Armour/Adidas – Large
 - Nike - XL
 - Lululemon – Size 10

 *Nike Asia runs a size smaller


Kydra Navy Softer-Than-You Tank Review berryduchess

Kydra Navy Softer-Than-You Tank Review berryduchess 2

Product Description:

  • Designed to provide optimal comfort and essential coverage
  • for light impact workouts;
  • throw it on post-workout for an easy layered look.


  • 100% Polyester

Available Colour/s:

  • Navy Blue
  • Black
  • Purple/Acai

Kydra Navy Softer-Than-You Tank 3 Review


  • I love how they played with the design of this tank. It’s  like they know that women will love this!
  • Length is perfect.
  • Chic,  Lightweight & subtly sexy.


I wore/tested this tank during my BACK day (a lot of weightlifting/no cardio) and after my workout, my chest is soaking wet and I don’t like it. It feels like the tank soaked with sweat and stayed there. So you really need to change after a workout. I’ve experienced this in some of the big brands and I think that (it can a personal choice but ) it’s not my cup of tea. I prefer the Nylon-Spandex combination. 

Kydra Navy Softer-Than-You Tank Review

Recommended for…

  • light workouts/yoga.
  • post-workout shirt


Kydra_Navy Hera Bra Review berryduchess

Kydra Navy Hera Bra 2 Review berryduchess

Product Description:

  • Constructed from our signature fabric
  • buttery soft, medium-support bra with elastic capabilities
  • removable padding and bands that will not flip in the wash.


  • 87% Nylon
  • 13% Spandex

Available Colour/s:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Forest Green

When I was browsing their products and found this bra, I already know I want one because of the design. I don’t have anything similar to this and so I gave in. But I also had doubts, because remember, I got problems with Asian sizes and based on the photos, I can tell that the size runs smaller. When I checked their size for this Navy Hera Black, they only got S, M, and L so I got L.

Soft but…

In my opinion, this is NOT BUTTERY SOFT. Trust me, I know my activewear.


So I am wearing a LARGE and obviously, this bra runs a size smaller. Check my photo so you can see the spillover on the armpit area and the girls are a bit squished. Yes, it fits but I can’t wear this if I have PMS. And because it’s a size smaller, the bands would flip/fold when I move.

*NTS: this cut is not flattering on my body so I really should stop buying this!

As much as I love the design (back) and functionality (medium support) it’s unfortunate that this is my least favourite from this purchase.

Kydra_Navy Hera Bra Review

Kydra Navy Hera Bra 3 Review


Kydra Black Open Back Tank Review

Kydra Black Open Back Tank Review

Kydra Black Open Back Tank Review 3

Product Description:

  • ultra-soft jersey construction in a relaxed fit with an asymmetrical hem and open back
  • perfect for everything from the treadmill to the sidewalk.


  • 92.7% Modal
  • 7.3% Spandex

Available Colour/s:

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Gray

This is my favourite among the three. I love the details – it’s sexy and it can turn heads, alright! Gym or out for dancing? This one has your back 😉


  • Softer-Than-You Tank – 32 SGD
  • Navy Hera Bra – 52 SGD
  • Open Back Tank – 22 SGD (on sale); original price is 32 SGD


In my humble opinion, Kydra has a lot of potentials, but at the same time, they need to improve on things like sizing. Their sizes will best fit the small/petite frames but not for those with large frames like myself. 

So I’m excited to see this brand to grow and be more inclusive.

I strongly believe that activewear should be flexible (size included) because fitness comes in different sizes. Not everyone wears a size 0-4 and just because one got a large frame, doesn’t mean they don’t exercise.


If I were to rate the products that I bought from them, I’d give it an average of 3 stars. 

There goes my review for the Kydra Singapore activewear! Thanks for your time and until my next review.

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xoxo roma


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