Fear of Disappointing Others

Facing My F.O.D.O. | Fear of Disappointing Others

Last week, I posted a selfie wearing a bit of makeup and to be honest, I haven’t done it for a quite a while because my plate was very full of life-changing events & my world is a bit of chaos as we speak. Funny ‘coz my blog started as a beauty blog before anything else. I know! I know…my bad! Then a couple of my followers commented that they miss my makeup posts and those lip swatches that I used to do and then it dawned on me…
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Discovery Suites - Balance Lifestyle Gym Review_Main

Fitness Spot: Discovery Suites Ortigas

When you become a fitness enthusiast, you’ll realise the impact of your chosen lifestyle with your choices, especially the way you travel. I used to just bring a lot of clothes, shoes & makeup! Plus, the location of the hotel should be near an MRT/bus station and a mall. But now, some of my major concerns are like:

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