What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Love

If there is one thing that I learned about seeking for love advice or any advice for that matter, it would be keeping my hands off of the reading materials and away from Mr. Google. Instead, choose talking to real people in your life. I prefer phoning, messaging or meeting my closest friends and seek their opinions. And so for this love month, I decided to blog about love advice based on real people’s relationship journey. One must understand that every relationship is unique and a set of relationship principle may be effective to one but not to the other. Read More

Love is in Small Things

I cannot help but share this wonderful article because  it is simply accurate and hits that sweet spot. 😀

— Originally posted and written by Julija Nėjė.

Philippa Rice is a multi-talented artist who creates simple but beautiful comics about the everyday joys of living with someone you love. The title of her comic book, Soppy, is unapologetically fitting! Read More