Language of Love_Affirmation

This Is Why My Language of Love is AFFIRMATION

It may sound petty and even absurd but there are people like me and yes, our language of love is called AFFIRMATION. It means that words of appreciation, verbal compliments, and assurance matter to us. Kami yung sinasabing either KSP or kulang sa pansin or madaling i-please kasi all you gotta do e bola-bolahin/utu-utuin lang; massage their egos & you have their love & attention. But actually, there’s more than that… Read More


For The Record | Jennifer Aniston

This post may invite a number of interpretations yet I still find it worth reposting. It may be contrasting to the celebratory mood but I wanted to share this article/note written by Jennifer Aniston back in 2016 because it says everything that I wanted to say. We may not be celebrities but if you’re a single woman or a wife in a childless marriage, then take some time to read this because it’s worth your time.

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Biggest Flaw

On Accepting My Biggest Physical Flaw

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a long time but because of the harsh reality that I witnessed on the internet, I held back and bagged the whole idea. But after reading the article from Cosmopolitan UK, I said to myself, why not do it and why not do it NOW? So here I am. Ready and willing to share my own story. Read More

First Trip to the Photo Studio

This unsure smile I had on my face when I had my first official ID photo that was shot in a studio. I remember when they told me to smile and I don’t know how, so if you will notice how unrelaxed my body was (stiff shoulder, that is.) I was 6 years old in this photo and this was pasted on my first school ID.

mini me

Tad dorky, but this little miss was me ;D

This in response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Snapshots Stories

xoxo berryduchess

If you have good thoughts, they will shine out your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

– Roald Dahl


Random Thoughts at 3:43 am

How sad it is to know that we get “too busy” to at least pay our last respect to the people who once became part of our lives. Is it really about being busy or the relationship was not just that deep that we think an online post expressing “our deepest condolences” will be enough? Will that online message even reach or console the family? I am just saying.

But who am I to blame people? It is their priorities anyway. And I am not excluding myself. I am guilty of committing this in the past and today, it made me rethink and re-evaluate.

That is why I envy our old folks. Because despite the arthritis and whatever disabilities they have, they find time to pay their last respect to their former colleagues and friends. They have no social network accounts, but they make sure they personally express their deepest sympathy to the family.

It is just sad.