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*The Best Online Beauty Shops in Singapore

While shopping with friends at the mall is still many a woman’s favourite pastime, we can’t help but be enamoured with the convenience of online shopping. The only thing that’s better than playing with all the testers in-store is not having to leave your house to buy your products. No longer do we have to trek over to the mall when we run out of our beloved perfume or foundation. With just a couple of clicks on your computer (or taps on your phone), buying cosmetics has never been easier for us, and that’s all thanks to the booming e-commerce industry in Singapore and the rest of the Southeast Asian region. Read More

Truths About Being a Beauty Blogger

Truths About Being A Non-Paid Beauty Blogger

A lot of people may think that being a beauty blogger is all fancy and fun, and yeah sure. It’s fun! but there are things that they didn’t know like the process, cost, etc. It may start as a hobby but later on, it changes. So this post is all about the things that I’ve learned in the past 3 years as I transitioned to a full-time beauty (& lifestyle) blogger. Read More