7-Day Face Sheet Mask Challenge

It’s 2018!!!! And it’s about time to take some extra steps when it comes to taking care of our skin because, let’s admit it, age, stress, pollutants & lack of sleep can easily show on our face and there are times when makeup can’t even cover up anymore. Makeup is good, but nothing beats a clean canvass (a.k.a our face) and besides, I love that the beauty trend is embracing the less-makeup, more-skin-realness. 

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13 Rushes - Brea's Adventure in the Forest Brush Set Review by Berryduchess

Brea’s Adventure in the Forest Travel Brush Set by 13 Rushes

13 Rushes is a Singapore beauty brand that started in 2013 and I just discovered them this year. Just as always, everything started with curiosity so when I visited their pop-up booth at one of the malls nearby,  I purchased their travel kit and I also got the chance to meet the person behind the brand.

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