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Saying Goodbye to #ProjectBerry65

#ProjectBerry65 came about when I started my lifestyle change in 2016. At first, I told myself I wanted to hit 65 kg again because it was my happy weight. The weight when I felt the prettiest – My size was just right that it’s a breeze to shop around because everything fits well. Collarbones, cheekbones & jawlines were visible. Read More

No Fast Food Challenge

100 Days No Junk Food Challenge

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve been facing lately is my irresponsible food choices whenever we’re out especially weekends & holidays. You know the Oh-my-goodness-I-so-deserve-this-because-I-worked-out-for-3-days! feeling? Yeah, we all have that because in reality, we love the idea of rewarding ourselves and most of the time it’s with comfort food. Read More

The Girl Who Weighed 86 Kilos | This is My Fitness Journey

If you’re expecting a story of a person who became sad and unhappy because she sees herself as the fat chick and one day she woke up and told herself that enough is enough, went on a strict diet and transformed like the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan – THIS IS NOT IT. Read More