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The Elorde Reyes Boxing Experience

I went home to Manila and stayed there for a couple of weeks (almost two months, actually) and so I was kinda expecting that my regular workout schedule will change. True enough, I get to exercise at least once a week (lucky if I can do it 2x/week) and thanks to my active friend, Jo, that I get to try boxing. So here are my thoughts on my experience. Read More

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Saying Goodbye to #ProjectBerry65

#ProjectBerry65 came about when I started my lifestyle change in 2016. At first, I told myself I wanted to hit 65 kg again because it was my happy weight. The weight when I felt the prettiest – My size was just right that it’s a breeze to shop around because everything fits well. Collarbones, cheekbones & jawlines were visible. Read More

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7 Reasons Why I Do Yoga

When I was younger, I used to think that yoga is for the cool chicks. They are the busy ones who work in a suit, got gorgeous & toned body and they have balanced life. Like they got patience & flexibility and I wanted that! I also want to be bendy & flexible and unfortunately, I don’t have the slightest idea of what yoga really is. Read More

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Halloween’s Catwoman Total Body Workout

So I’m skipping the Halloween makeup this year but I’m sharing this lovely workout by my favourite fitness influencer, Cassie Ho of Blogilates.  She did a series of Superhero-inspired workouts on her Youtube channel and just in time for the spooky theme, we’re gonna do this Catwoman’s total body exercise. Read More

This is How My 52 Weeks of Lifestyle Change Looks Like

It may look easy-peasy on photos & videos but nope, none of it was easy. But is it worth it? DEFINITELY. I can’t believe it’s been a year since that fateful day and yes, I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I’m also very thankful for the opportunity to turn my life around.

Read More

There’s A Lot More Than the Size We Wear

I’ve experienced going to shops and eyeing a very cute outfit or dress and when I wanna try it, my heart simply breaks because it’s only up to a MEDIUM size or their biggest is a size 12. It’s like I have the money to spend but nothing fits me. So what happens next (true story) is that I go out of the shop, find a coffee shop and get a slice of my favourite cake and sip my coffee. We used to joke that wala akong karapatang mamili dito (I don’t have the right to buy clothes here,) because the people are generally slim and I’m not. Read More