Emirates and Heathrow Express

Visiting¬†London has always been a dream of mine. Apart from the fact that I had great British colleagues way back, I also find everything about this country is so easy to love. The accent, the men (wink, wink) the culture, the fashion style, the food and so much more. It has always been on my bucket list. That’s why I feel so blessed that I started my 2014 with a bang! and that is the chance to travel to London. ūüôā

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Street of London

Streets of London

Braving the streets of London must be one of the boldest things that I did so far. Exploring this foreign city alone with only a copy of the tube map in my pocket and uncertainties ahead, what could possibly go wrong?:D  But you know what?  My sky-high excitement shoved my fears away.  I cannot waste this chance. Read More

Bermondsey Square Hotel Review by Berryduchess

Bermondsey Square Hotel Review

When we travelled to London last December 2013, we stayed for 9 days at the Bermondsey Square Hotel. Location-wise, it is at the city center, just along Tooley Street and very accessible to all types of transportation (Bus/Tube/private vehicle). Within the area, is a restaurant named¬†Del’Aziz¬†offering Moroccan cuisine. Next is a Sainsbury store, a convenience store where you can basically get whatever you need especially if you are staying for more than 3 days. Then, there is ¬†another place that looks like a bar/cafe and you can also watch movies. It was a mini-movie haus.

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The London Tube Experience

London is famous for its transportation system. “Tube” as how they call it in the UK and it looks complicated at first glance¬†but do not be overwhelmed. Thankfully, I am used to this kind of transport system since we almost have the same here in Singapore, so figuring things out was not that hard. If you will compare them, Singapore has a more modern system, of course. Can you believe that the oldest tube line (Black line) is already more or less 70 years old (this is a very conservative estimate.) During our stay, there were several breakdowns on this line, that’s why I tried to stay away from this route since I was travelling and roaming the city all by myself. Read More

Madame Tussaud’s – London

Visiting London’s Madame Tussaud’s is one of our to-do lists and after checking their website to buy tickets online, we decided that maybe it’s better if we buy from the counter so we won’t be pressured by the time indicated on our tickets. I mean, plans may always be changed and we may not know if we will have an early or late lunch on our first day in town.

After we settled in our hotel, freshen up and had our first meal of the day at the restaurant nearby, we picked up some things that we will need for the next days and finally, we went to Madame Tussaud’s.

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