That Day When the ATM Ate Our Card in Paris

Our series of unfortunate events just started in Paris on the day we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral. Then, I also shared the unpleasant dining experience on our last night in the city. But that’s not it! You have to read what happened BEFORE that evening. The geist of the story is the title but let’s get down to the details. Read More

Notre Dame06_berryduchess

Travel Story: The Tourists at Notre-Dame Cathedral


I got sick two days before leaving Geneva so our planned weekend to see the rest of Paris was put on hold (sort of). I was having fever and colds and one of the first things that we did after checking in was to get some medicines from the nearest pharmacy because we already finished the ones that we brought for the trip. Our goal was to get a whole day rest, feel better so we can go out the following day. Read More

Carnet De Bord4_berryduchess

Chinese Gastronomy in Saint Lazare, Paris

In my previous Paris food review, I featured Le Pont De Yunnan Restaurant which is located near the Saint-Georges station. This time, we stayed in Saint Lazare and took the chance to see if there are any good restaurants in the area. Fortunately, we have the perfect location  because we got access to 2 of the top Chinese restaurants in Paris – Carnet De Voyage and Carnet De Bord.

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Arc De Triomphe7_berryduchess

Streets of Paris: Arc De Triomphe and Louvre

When we were in Paris last 2014, we only get to see half of the Champs Élysées because it was a wet and chilly day and staying outside with a small umbrella to protect us from the rain is is not a lovely thing to do. We told each other that we will just see the famous Arc when we go back (with fingers crossed).

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That Day at the Eiffel Tower

A picture of the Eiffel Tower in the background must be every girl’s dream. I remember putting up Eiffel posters at my closet’s door so that every time I open it, I will be reminded and inspired to make it happen one day. And at last! that day came. It was the second week of December 2014 when one of my dreams came true. It was our last Saturday in the city and we were set to leave the day after tomorrow. Read More