7-Day Face Sheet Mask Challenge

It’s 2018!!!! And it’s about time to take some extra steps when it comes to taking care of our skin because, let’s admit it, age, stress, pollutants & lack of sleep can easily show on our face and there are times when makeup can’t even cover up anymore. Makeup is good, but nothing beats a clean canvass (a.k.a our face) and besides, I love that the beauty trend is embracing the less-makeup, more-skin-realness. 

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Sheet Mask

I Increased My Water Intake & Used Face Sheet Mask for 7 Days & Here’s What Happened

It’s that time of the year when I would indulge in my K-Dramas and if you start watching Korean actors, one of the first things that you’ll notice will be their FLAWLESS skin. And everyone wants that, including me! But before I even embrace the 10-step Korean skincare routine, I had to start with what I have & that’s a face sheet mask and water! Read More

The Ordinary Skin Care Review

The Ordinary Skin Care

The Ordinary Skin Care Review

The brand’s name recall is, in my opinion, quite catchy. Like when someone asks you,

Friend: what are your skin care brands?

You: The Ordinary.

And if they don’t know it, they’re next question is…

Friend: The Ordinary? What’s that?

So what I’m trying to say is that the brand name itself will definitely scratch anyone’s curiosity, but wait until you see the product naming convention & packaging. 😉 Read More

Skin Care

My Essential Evening Skin Care Routine

I’m on my early 30s and a skin care routine is definitely a must. Our skin is not getting any younger and with the pollutants present in our atmosphere, together the makeup that we load on our faces, clogged pores and other damages is not impossible. So if you think that skin prep (before your makeup) is important, then let me tell you that evening skin care is also essential.
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Mario Badescu_Skin Care Cover

How Mario Badescu Saved My Skin

Large pores, redness, sun spots, blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules – these are the skin problems that I have encountered in my whole life. Yet I am still thankful that they didn’t happen all at the same time but I had my share of those days when a huge pimple decided to show up in the middle of your nose or maybe forehead and after a day, it decided to form a group and “camp” for a while. 😏 Read More

EOS Lip Balm

Using EOS Lip Balms? You Better Hold it Right There!

I am sharing this article published in Huffington post last January 15th, 2016 about the customer complaints on the EOS lip balms. I have been using these cute, egg-shaped lip products since 2010 and I really liked them simply because it really works. It is so good that you will find yourself always reaching for it. Read More