Fear of Disappointing Others

Facing My F.O.D.O. | Fear of Disappointing Others

Last week, I posted a selfie wearing a bit of makeup and to be honest, I haven’t done it for a quite a while because my plate was very full of life-changing events & my world is a bit of chaos as we speak. Funny ‘coz my blog started as a beauty blog before anything else. I know! I know…my bad! Then a couple of my followers commented that they miss my makeup posts and those lip swatches that I used to do and then it dawned on me…
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#DontJudgeChallenge Done Wrong

Once again, another social media campaign that was launched to serve a good purpose has been handled in an awful, wrong way. When Em Ford of MyPaleSkinBlog released a video entitled YOU LOOK DISGUSTING, the original hashtag used was #youlookdisgusting. So it is not clear on how #DontJudgeMeChallenge came to the picture or who started it. All we know was that it came about the same time when Em Ford’s video became viral. Read More

A Social Experiment: The Day I Decided to Remove my Birth Date from Facebook

Remember those days when we would still take note and mark our “real” calendars or planners with special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries of our families and friends? In case you get confused, yes, I am talking about the ones made of paper with numbers and letters in it. Read More

Finding Tranquility in Our Urban Lives

When we wake up unprompted,  feeling refreshed, we have slept enough. – Thrive, Arianna Huffington

With the busy life that we all have, how many times can you really say that you had a good night sleep? Or when was the last time you had a good sleep? C’mon, think and try to answer my questions 🙂 Read More


Ever heard of the term Digital Detox? I came across with this term just this year while reading Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive. In her book, Digital Detox was explained where the person unplugs herself from all the gadgets that we have on this modern day. That means not holding your hand phone and checking on your social sites, work email included. A bit harsh, isn’t it? But like any other detox, it is hard in the beginning but it gets better after.

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The 5 Types Of Friends Everyone Should Have

It was like one of those “meet-cute” scenes in a Hollywood movie, minus the romance. I met Susan, an author, through a mutual friend a few months ago. She was from Dallas. I was from Dallas. She’d lost her mother. I’d lost my mother. She’d written books. I’d written books. A few coffees led to dinner with our husbands and the friendship chemistry was apparent. If I’d have met her in my 20s, we might have been godmothers of each other’s children. But now that we’re older, the friendship thing doesn’t work quite as well as it used to. Kids, jobs and, well, just life get in the way of forging a real connection. Yes, we’ve gotten together, but not nearly as often as I would have liked. Read More